Friday, August 1, 2014

Daily Confessions of a Self-Proclaimed Oil Junkie

I am making a confession:  I have become an essential oil junkie.  Is this a bad thing? 

 By all means, NO!  

It is, by far, the best decision (aside from saying "Yes" to being a disciple of Jesus Christ & "I Do" to my hubby) I have yet to make.  Being an oil-junkie has improved my health, provided me freedom of choice (I have options OTHER than expensive pharmaceuticals & can be proactive in health-care PRIOR to an expensive dr visit!), educated me in knowing myself better and healthier options around me, opened the door to removing toxins & chemical cleaning solvents from  my home, & helped me grow a pesticide-free, organic garden!

What does an oil junkie look like? is a day-in-the-life of a
Self-Proclaimed Oil Junkie

Upon Awakening:
  • COFFEE!!  A beloved early morning ritual...with just the right amount of cream and a drop of Cinnamon oil (as well as being an emotional & physical stimulant, it can help in aiding digestive issues, stomach aches, diarrhea, and building/maintaining of the immune system)

  • After my morning shower, I apply 1-2 drops of ClaryCalm & Balance blends on the bottoms of my feet (for hormonal balance, managing symptoms of PMS, & balancing emotional swingsBalance TRULY helps me keep my emotions in check!)

  • Combined in a handy roll-on bottle, a home-made blend of
    Serenity, Balance, & Fractionated Coconut Oil is applied on my neck/throat/chest for calming anxiety, reducing stress, and for sheer enjoyment (the lavender, chamomile & vanilla in Serenity is pleasant to the olfactory senses as well as aids in reducing inflammation/tension/anxiety/stress, & encouraging a strong sense of well-being, while the Blue Tansy, Frankincense, & Spruce in Balance are geared to aid my central nervous system as well as calming/balancing emotions)

  • If I completed a long run, I typically rub a drop or two of Deep Blue into my
    calves/feet after running to decrease inflammation, joint/muscle pain, and massage away any areas of discomfort or pain
  • In running an in-home child-care business 3 days out of my week, I use my diffuser with many different blends quite often!  My favorite is to diffuse Serenity, as I find it very
    soothing.  Wild Orange is another favorite, as it is excellent in energizing and revitalizing, as well as uplifting my mood (my happy oil!)...not only that, I find pleasure knowing that the Wild Orange is at work killing all air-born pathogens, while disinfecting & killing bacteria.  Great bonus when in the child-care business! (**In fall/winter, I love diffusing On Guard blend for immune-boosting benefits, as well as pathogen & bacteria-killing benefits!)
  • With breakfast, I make sure to start my day off right by taking doTERRA's LifeLong
    Vitality  supplements (LLV).  I have found these supplements to be nothing short of AMAZING!  Increased energy levels, reduced inflammation, balanced hormone system, boosted immune system, and overall increased health are all benefits I am enjoying with this supplement.  With these supplements, my monthly, migraine-type headaches are non-existent & I am confident that overall bodily health is being supported/maintained! (*Another round of supplements are taken with my evening meal*)
  • Upon getting ready for the day & going out, I typically add a drop of Whisper to each wrist and behind my ears.  Who knew that one's choice of perfume could have
    health benefits?!?  I love that mine does and that Whisper doesn't leave me with a headache like synthetic, commercial perfumes typically do.  The blend of oils in Whisper all
    have anti-pathogenic, anti-septic, & anti-inflammatory properties, and many have properties that help with anxiety, attention/focus, depression, stress & tension, just to name a few.  Whisper has proven to be a perfect compliment to my use of Balance & ClaryCalm!

  • Throughout a given day, if I am struggling with the approach of a headache, or find tension forming in my neck/shoulders, I will apply Peppermint or the PastTense blend to my neck & temples (while make sure I am drinking enough water throughout the day also).  Both oils help to relieve tension and provide calming comfort from the pain of headaches.  They work wonderfully to ward off headaches as they are
    beginning to form.
  • Should I begin feeling worn down, or like my body is trying to fight off sickness, I begin placing drops of On Guard on the bottoms of my feet.  In addition, before retiring for bed at night, I make sure to create an immune-boosting blend of oils in a gel-cap to take internally.  This blend has helped my body ward off many sicknesses this past year & it has been amazing to experience how oils have helped boost my immune system!  The Immune Boosting blend I create is:  3 drops Lemon, 2 drops Oregano, 2 drops On Guard, 2 drops Peppermint, 2 drops Clove, & 1 drop Melaleuca.  Should I still feel the symptoms of sickness trying to overtake me the next morning, I will take another gel-cap with breakfast.  Typically I feel better overnight, however, I have taken up to 2-3 gel caps w/in a given day to help my body fight off sickness (and always with a meal, just to discourage any upset tummy issues due to strength of many oils in this blend...note: Peppermint is in there specifically to aid in digestive issues, but who wants to constantly burp oregano?  Taking on a full tummy helps prevent this and further aid in good digestion!) **More details regarding this Immune Boosting Blend can be found through my October, 2013 post entitled, "Keepin' Kids (& Yourself) Healthy: Boost Your Immune System"**
Following this daily routine, along with a balanced diet, appropriate exercise, and making sure I stay hydrated, I have found that I am more healthy than I ever have been.  I look back on the past year, with all it's stressors, all it's transition, all the travel, & all the exposure to different climates/germs/bacteria/etc and find:
I didn't go to the doctor once  
(outside of annual check-ups)
    Did I struggle with sickness?  Yes, I fought sickness over this past year.  However, with the introduction and gift of knowing about essential oils, I have found the beauty of being pro-active in my approach to health-care.
    I can DO something about my ailments before calling to make that doctor appointment, and I can strive to help my body fight sickness/infection/etc, as well as find healing & health through the God-given elements found in essential oils.
    Yep, no doubt about it....
    I will forever be a Self-Proclaimed Oil Junkie!
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Monday, July 21, 2014

ask Dr. Hill

Dr. David K. Hill is an expert on wellness and essential oils and is the Chief Medical Officer at dōTERRA.

He provides great answers & tips for continued essential oil use for newbies (to oils) as well as veterans!
How do I use essential oils to meet my personal needs?
There are always indicators with our health. We have indicators in what types of foods are good for us and which ones aren’t. This is a normal process we go through. The same holds true for essential oils. It may not always be the case that each essential oil will affect each of us in exactly the same way. It’s that individual characteristic of the oil matched with the individual characteristic of our own personal need and health that allows us to achieve the benefits we are most looking for. Finding that requires that we spend a little bit of time learning how the essential oils interact with our own unique circumstances. Once you master that—once you have that basic understanding—essential oils provide something for you that cannot be found anywhere else.

What are the basic fundamentals I should follow for enhancing immunity with my family?
We tend to be extra conscious of our immunity during the winter months when cold and flu season is upon us. It is important to develop a daily routine of essential oil use that includes diffusion, surface contact, and personal application during this time when the immune system may be especially compromised. Along with essential oils, good nutrition is another key aspect in maintaining strong immunity for all members of the family. The Lifelong Vitality products and citrus oils are powerful immune stabilizers that should be used daily. Citrus oils can increase the production of glutathione. We know that glutathione fortifies cellular structures of the immune system, so improving glutathione levels gives us greater resiliency in all tissues of the body. We also need to be aware of immune detractors (stress, poor diet, etc.) and similarly manage these issues through lifestyle modification and daily use of essential oils.

 (Article from: doTERRA Living Magazine, Winter 2014, pg 4)

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Saturday, February 1, 2014

A Luxurious Bath

Ahhhh....a relaxing bubble bath and a good book are a great way to end a tedious (or any!) day...
But, wait....stop...did you know that
personal care items, including most body washes, often contain artificial fragrances, chemicals, and dyes that can irritate the skin?

Interested in solutions for a nice bath, soak, and/or shower that nourish the skin as well as get it squeaky clean?

Here are some personal favorites:

  • 1 cup unscented castile soap
  • 1/2 cup vegetable glycerin
  • 2 tablespoons water
  • 15 drops of your favorite essential oil
Note: Castile soap and vegetable glycerin can be purchased at your local health food store.

1. Combine castile soap, glycerin, and water into glass bowl.
2. Add essential oils.
3. Stir until well combined.
4. Pour into glass container. 

To use, add 1/4-1/2 cup of bubble bath mixture to warm, running bath water.
**Note: These bubbles are not going to provide big fluffy bubbles that last a long time since it doesn’t contain the synthetic ingredients that make them. However, this chemical-free bath will provide enough bubbles for a relaxing and therapeutic bath you will still enjoy.**


Epsom Salt Bath
Did you know that magnesium is
naturally found in Magnesium Sulfate, more commonly known as Epsom salt?

Did you also know that there are many health benefits found from a diet rich in magnesium sulfate and that it

can be absorbed into your skin, thus increasing your magnesium levels?  
Not to mention, an Epsom salt bath can also deliver sulfates, absorbed through the skin, then delivered throughout the body, which can often-times be difficult to get through food.
Here are some key health benefits from magnesium sulfate:


  • ·         Eases stress and improves sleep and concentration
  • ·         Helps muscles and nerves function properly
  • ·         Regulates activity of 325+ enzymes
  • ·         Helps prevent artery hardening and blood clots
  • ·         Makes insulin more effective
  • ·         Reduces inflammation to relieve pain and muscle cramps
  • ·         Improves oxygen use

  • ·         Flush toxins
  • ·         Improve absorption of nutrients
  • ·         Help joint pain, brain tissue and mucin proteins
  • ·         Help prevent or ease migraine headaches

    So, how can one enjoy an Epsom salt bath?

    • For an Epsom salt bath, just add 1 cup of Epsom salt along with 10 drops of your favorite essential oil(s) into a warm bath. Relax and soak in your bath until the water becomes cooler. 

      Depending on which oils you add, taking a bath can be soothing, invigorating, refreshing, or detoxifying.  

      Essential Oil Suggestions:
      Relaxation: Lavender, Serenity, Ylang Ylang
      Invigorate: Wild Orange, Grapefruit, Citrus Bliss, Peppermint, Lemon
      Help Get Over a Cold/Open Airways: Breathe, Eucalyptus, Peppermint
      Better Skin: Melaleuca, Lavender, Frankincense, Helichrysum
      Sore Muscles: Lemongrass, Marjoram
      Sunburn: Lavender, Melaleuca


      All Natural Body Wash

      • 8 oz. glass pump bottle (plastic squirt bottle works fine)
      • 1/2 cup unscented Castile soap
      • 4 tablespoons vegetable glycerin
      • 3 tablespoons fractionated coconut oil
      • 10 drops of your favorite essential oil

      Note: You can find vegetable glycerin at most health food stores. Vegetable glycerin will help the body wash be thicker, creamier, and lather better.

      1. Combine ingredients into 8 oz  bottle.
      2. Add desired essential oil(s).

      Tip: For an uplifting body wash try these essential oils: Citrus Bliss, Peppermint, Grapefruit, Lime, or Eucalyptus. For a relaxing body wash try these: Lavender, Serenity, Bergamot, Geranium, or Roman Chamomile.

      3. Shake to combine. You’re done! Make sure to shake before each use, as the ingredients will separate.


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Personal care items, including most body washes, often contain artificial fragrances, chemicals, and dyes that can irritate the skin. - See more at: